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Protecting Your Business

At the Law Office of W. Matthew Iler, Jr. Esq., we have represented small and midsize business owners for over 25 years. We act quickly and aggressively to minimize the impact of a legal issue upon your bottom line.


Skilled Business Representation

At the Law Office of W. Matthew Iler, Jr. Esq., our focus is protecting the legal rights of small and midsized business owners in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. We offer a full range of business litigation services, including representation and advocacy for breach of contract, creditor/debtor disputes, and commercial landlord/tenant issues.

Aggressive Litigation

Sometimes a court decision is the only way to resolve the most complex business disputes. When you need a skilled business litigation attorney, our experience truly sets us apart from our peers. Attorney Iler has handled over 100 cases and 40 appeals in various state and federal courts. We utilize this experience to aggressively pursue your best interests in court.


Leveraging Your Options

We draw upon our litigation experience to skillfully assess the litigation hazards in your case and leverage your options. When possible, we proactively pursue a favorable settlement. For example, one strategy for inducing settlement discussions is by obtaining a preliminary attachment. This temporary relief, requested by ex parte motion, is filed concurrently or shortly after the complaint. Since the court typically orders a temporary freeze of the other party’s assets and a hearing within seven to 10 days of the motion, it often becomes a catalyst to settlement.

Cost-Effective Resolutions

We are committed to providing the most efficient representation to our clients. That means exploring all favorable resolutions, including alternatives to business litigation. As a certified conciliator, attorney Matthew W. Iler, Jr., is highly nuanced in a broad range of negotiation styles. When you seek our counsel regarding a business dispute, we often start by sending a demand letter to the other party. Simply having an attorney on your side may provide the leverage needed to open settlement discussions.

Contact An Experienced Attorney

From proactive legal strategies to aggressive business litigation to settlement negotiations, we know how to act quickly to protect your business. Schedule a consultation and find out today how our experience can benefit you. Complete our online contact form. We have two convenient office locations in Boston and Beverly.