Business Litigation Attorney

I am Matthew Iler, a skilled and experienced attorney who provides high-quality representation for small and mid-sized companies. At my Beverly and Boston-based law offices, I have successfully resolved numerous business and real estate disputes through negotiation or litigation.

Caring And Responsive. Striving To Make A Difference.

Simply stated, I care about my clients and their cases. At Iler Law Office, I spend time with them to identify their specific concerns and goals. Throughout the entire legal process, I provide personalized representation and individualized strategies toward resolution.

Legal problems are disruptive to business operations and important real estate transactions. My job is to make a difference to protect, not compromise, clients' interests.

Specific areas of my legal practice include:

Exploring All Options To Secure A Positive Outcome

While litigation is always an option toward resolution, I explore all creative solutions learned as a certified conciliator, offering alternatives to trial. Oftentimes, I can find more cooperative and collaborative methods to resolve matters efficiently and cost-effectively.

However, I do not hesitate to file a lawsuit if that action can provide the best outcome. I possess success in trying cases and appealing adverse decisions. I see the value in filing suit and taking proactive steps toward securing judgments while remaining open to prompt settlements.

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