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Understanding Your Rights During a Breach Of Contract

When you enter into a contract with another party, you can expect that they respect the agreement as you do. However, sometimes no matter how well the contract is drafted, disputes can arise. At the Law Office of W. Matthew Iler, Jr. Esq., we use our experience as skilled negotiators to help small and medium-sized businesses in Beverly and throughout Massachusetts with issues involving contract disputes.

Our attorney focuses on helping our clients understand the situation they are in and how they can resolve it. We take the time to go over each fact of your claim and create a legal strategy that fits your needs. Our lawyer will work quickly and efficiently to help you protect your business and your bottom line. If you are involved in a contract dispute, there are a few different routes to take to reach a settlement.


In many cases alternative dispute resolution is needed to find a settlement that both parties can agree on. Mediation with a third party is one route that can lead to results. Our attorney will take the time to research your case to have a full understanding of the facts. We will then go into mediation looking to secure a fair agreement for your business.


Our lawyer can send the opposing party a letter saying that you would like to pursue arbitration. We will craft you the strongest case we can and present it to the arbitrator, and seek to obtain the best resolution possible for you and your business.


Using alternative dispute resolution does not always lead to a settlement. When this happens, you can trust our skilled litigation lawyer to take the fight to the courtroom for you. Our attorney has worked on over 100 contract law cases and knows what it takes to win in these cases.

Get Legal Representation To Help With A Breach Of Contract

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