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Legal Representation For Breach Of Contract Claims

When you and another party enter into a contractual agreement, your expectation is that both sides will honor the agreement. Sadly, many well-drafted, seemingly airtight contracts are violated, costing business owners time and money.

Protecting Owners Who Have Been Wronged

Attorney Matthew Iler represents Massachusetts-based small and medium-sized companies, many family-owned, involved in breach of contract claims that include:

  • Disputes concerning breaches of contract
  • Sales of goods and services
  • Shareholder/partnership agreements
  • Purchase/sale of a business

Understanding Your Damages

Issues with customers, contractors and other outside parties can damage the reputation of a company. Accusations of poor quality, failure to perform or pay, or significantly delayed delivery of goods and services may have devastating effects on a business. If you are facing a breach of contract allegation, trust attorney Iler’s experience to guide you through your options.

Disputes can do significant internal damage to a business, especially if those issues lead to a trial. Partners or shareholders may feel that they do not have a voice in sales, acquisitions and other key decisions that affect the company’s existence and their investments.

Options And Solutions

You have options in breach of contract claims. Whether Mr. Iler pursues settlement or trial, he will employ all his resources to ensure enforcement of the contract or recovery of damages caused by the breach. During the course of your case, he can also pursue immediate remedies that include attachments of bank accounts, real estate, or other assets as well as injunctions to secure the anticipated judgement or  to stop the damage being done to your business.

Find Out How Matthew Iler Can Help

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