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Debt Collections And Creditor/Debtor Disputes

As a debtor or creditor, you have rights under the law. State and federal debt collection laws in Massachusetts safeguard the rights of both debtors and creditors during a dispute. An attorney who is experienced in this area can help you understand your rights and protect your bottom line in a collection action.

Attorney Matthew Iler represents debtors and creditors in disputes and collection actions. His extensive experience handling breach of contract actions and business disputes allows him to provide his clients with comprehensive and knowledgeable representation in all types of collection matters. This includes cases involving:

  • Competing claims between creditors
  • Garnishment, replevin and liens
  • Repossession
  • Fraudulent transfers
  • UCC issues
  • Commercial evictions
  • Creditor liability
  • Bank and credit card debt
  • Promissory notes, demand notes, revolving debt
  • Ex parte attachments of bank accounts and real estate

Guidance Through The Collections Process

When a debtor does not pay, it can have an impact on your bottom line, and it is vital that you enforce your right to payment. However, there are rules and procedures you must follow in order to collect your debt legally. Mr. Iler can guide you through the process of collecting a debt and help ensure that you follow all of the steps necessary in order to recover the compensation you are owed. He helps clients at every stage of the process, from the initial notifications to the debtor to litigation.

Protecting Debtor Rights

If you are a debtor, the Law Office Of W. Matthew Iler, Jr., can help you protect your rights and resolve your debt. As an experienced litigator and negotiator, attorney Iler will act as your advocate to ensure the creditor does not violate your rights as a debtor.

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