Creative Resolutions to Business Disputes

Helping Massachusetts Businesses Resolve Complex Disputes

Anytime you are involved in a business dispute, the issue could affect your business operations and ultimately your bottom line. The goal of the Law Office of W. Matthew Iler, Jr., is to help small and midsized businesses resolve complex business disputes. Attorney Iler works quickly to gather all the facts of the dispute to build a strong case from the beginning.

Businesses in Beverly and throughout Massachusetts come to Mr. Iler’s firm for legal guidance during serious and complex commercial disputes. Each case is different, which is why he offers personalized, strategic attention to identify his clients’ business needs and goals. His goal is to resolve each case in a manner that protects your interests and bottom line.

Getting the Business Dispute Resolved Quickly

Attorney Iler will explore any way to resolve the dispute outside of the courtroom. Having a business that is involved in a legal dispute can ultimately hurt your bottom line, and he will mitigate those kinds of repercussions.

He uses his experience to negotiate agreeable terms for settlements that are in your best interest. If two parties are too far apart on a settlement amount, the issue may need to be resolved using alternative dispute resolution options.

Equipped to Pursuit All Methods of Dispute Resolution

If you cannot find middle ground through a demand letter, there are other options to try to avoid litigation, such as:

  • Using mediation for both parties to find a fair resolution
  • Both sides presenting their case in arbitration
  • Having a conciliator help both parties reach an agreement

Sometimes two parties simply cannot reach an agreement. When this happens, Mr. Iler is ready to take the fight to court and defend you to the best of his abilities. He has handled over 100 cases in various levels of court and has the experience necessary to serve as a skilled litigator for your business.

Protecting Your Business is Just a Consultation Away

Resolving your business dispute quickly and securing a deal that works for you is Matt Iler’s No. 1 priority. You can fill out the online contact form to schedule a consultation with him at the Law Office of W. Matthew Iler, Jr., in Boston.