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Contracts Are The Foundation Of Every Legal Agreement

As an attorney with decades of Massachusetts commercial and business litigation experience, Matthew Iler, Jr., understands the importance of a well-drafted contract. Sometimes these contracts are called “airtight,” although that does not mean that there is no way out of such a contract. Well-drafted contracts are simply the opposite of poorly drafted contracts, which often lead to disputes that can end up in court.

Creating an “airtight” contract means that both the expectations and the consequences are laid out. A contract should clearly communicate what will happen when one party fails to deliver on the terms. From the seemingly simple to the undeniably complex, the Law Office Of W. Matthew Iler, Jr., has a solid reputation for contract dispute resolution.

A Solution-Focused, Proactive Approach

Matthew Iler, Jr., understands that an effective solution is one that satisfactorily resolves the issue in the most expedient and cost-effective way possible. Why? Because each day that an issue is left unresolved translates into lost time and capital. Matthew weighs many factors when formulating a viable solution given your goals.

What sets Matthew apart is his extensive trial and appeal experience. Having litigated over 100 trials and over 40 appeals in the past two decades, he can foresee issues and preempt them. Because Matthew is a certified conciliator, he is also adept at negotiating out-of-court settlements.

Being proactive often involves having an attorney review any contract before you sign it. This is crucial, as signing a poorly drafted document can put the success of your business in jeopardy and keep you locked into an unfair agreement. Spending the time and money necessary to draft and review a strong contract before you sign can protect your interests and prevent lawsuits down the road.

Top 5 Ways To Avoid A Breach Of Contract Issue

There are numerous protections that you can take to preempt a breach of contract issue. The first thing to understand is that every contract is an agreement. It involves an exchange: Money or something of value is typically exchanged for a service or other item of value. When one party fails to deliver, this is a breach of the agreement. Crafting a contract that has clear terms is the first and best way to prevent misunderstandings and mistakes. Also, a contract should:

  1. Be unambiguous in the procedure for handling any dispute that arises. The resolution may involve litigation, mediation, arbitration, for example.
  2. Have terms that are reasonable, fair and attainable. This is to ensure you have an enforceable document.
  3. Have a clearly established timeline for the exchange and for renewal or termination. Dates are more often indisputable facts.
  4. Define any terms that could be misinterpreted or have more than one reasonable interpretation. This makes it clear to both parties and to the court what is meant.
  5. Be clear as to what communicates acceptance and whether or not a counter-offer is the termination of the original offer. Remember that inaction usually does not indicate acceptance, as assumptions do not create a contract. Contract law is based on explicit actions of acceptance.

Having a business law attorney review all contracts before signing is imperative for the protection of your interests. Consulting an attorney at any stage of a dispute can significantly improve your chances of success.

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