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When A Civil Case Proceeds To Court

While the majority of business law issues can be effectively resolved outside the courtroom, not every case can be. Some cases, such as those that involve purported fraud, are best suited for trial. Even well-organized, highly reputable and trusted business owners can be forced to deal with litigation.

Attorney Matthew Iler, Jr., will make every effort to resolve your issue out of court. He is adept at arbitration, mediation and negotiating settlements. When these modalities are inappropriate or unavailable, he will thoroughly discuss your options and your goals.

Business Litigation’s Four-Step Process

The basics of business litigation is the same four-step process as civil litigation: pleadings, discovery, trial and sometimes appeal.
  • Pleadings: These are formal documents that are filed with the court. They state the position of each party. A pleading will provide notice to the defendant regarding the legal issue. A pleading is a demand for the other party to take action. A motion is a request that a judge do something. A motion typically happens before a trial. A summary judgment happens during the course of the proceedings.
  • Discovery: This is the evidence gathering process. This can involve depositions where witnesses or involved parties are interviewed. Interrogatories are written questions for one party to answer.
  • Trial: Many cases settle before the actual trial. Parties have the right to a jury and are able to waive this right. A trial involves many steps, such as opening statements, presentation of evidence and testimony, including cross-examination and closing arguments.
  • Appeal: An appeal may be pursued by the losing party. A specific legal error is required for an appeal to be granted. Not every attorney handles appeals.
Matthew has represented clients in over 100 court cases in the past two decades. His years of successful experience in business litigation have earned him a first-rate reputation and provided him with a solid referral base.

Taking The Stress Out Of The Process

Attorney Iler understands what is at stake for you personally and for your business. He can guide you through the litigation process with a minimum of stress, keeping you informed about the status of your case and what to expect every step of the way. As an attorney with decades of experience with contract disputes, litigation and appeals, Matthew is well-versed in Massachusetts business law.

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