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Ownership of an apartment building, strip mall, office complex or another type of commercial property represents a significant investment in time and money. Attorney Matthew Iler’s proactive legal counsel educates business owners about commercial leases and how they differ from their residential lease counterparts. Yet challenges exist in daily operations for a property owner or landlord, especially when tenants fail to abide by the lease they signed.

Most violations take the form of nonpayment of rent. Often tenants are unable to keep up with their financial obligations. At some point, eviction becomes an option.

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You need a skilled attorney to resolve the problem. At Law Office Of W. Matthew Iler, Jr., real estate lawyer Matthew Iler will spend time with you to identify the specific issues surrounding the dispute. He will identify your goals and review all the facts. From there, he will review your legal rights and the best options and strategies for you.

Many cases involve struggling business owners who fall behind on their rent due to a lack of revenue. However, struggling operations do not supersede a signed lease. Whether they cannot or will not pay over another issue, Mr. Iler’s job is to collect what his clients are entitled to receive.

A notice to collect or default often brings parties to the table. However, when they fail to respond to notifications, eviction proceedings are often the next step. Other options exist to avoid the time and money spent on eviction proceedings. Many businesses find ways to resolve the dispute, including payment plans to catch up or shutting down their operations and vacating the premises.

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